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International Management

Hands on global experience from a wide array of industry and corporate environments

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Business And Market Analysis

The ability to utilize available technology, development, marketing, and human resources, to assess the market and build solutions that are highly effective and aligned with project objectives

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Expertise and hands on experience in both software and services, which are invanuable to help evaluate and understand the wider context of the market environment

Current Apllications

AI Powered Video Health And Wellness Solutions.

Wellness is estimated to be a global $1.5 trillion market

Consumers are increasingly taking greater control of their overall health,
and as a consequence, the demand in targeted data-driven devices and care
apps is surging. This helps consumers take greater control of their medical
needs and prescription management, all of which reduces the need for
unnecessary and daunting doctor’s appointments.

Remote health checks

Revolutionary AI in parallel with electronic devices (smartphone
or laptop) are now a viable solution.

Software-based Health and Wellness Monitoring and Score

Biomarkers include : Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, HRV Status,
Oxygen Saturation, Respiration rate, Sympathetic Stress.


Consumers can now remote manage their medical needs and
prescription management, and reduce unnecessary and
daunting doctor’s appointments

Tailored Framework, Wellness Applications, Or SDK
Integration into an Existing Application

To start Your Wellness Journey