Reduce Risk and Operational Cost and Enhance Client Engagement

Underwriting/ Onboarding

Enhance self-reporting health questionnaires with objective, real-time health data, collected remotely

Offer Dynamic Underwriting

Minimize reliance on outdated legacy datasets and make underwriting faster, cheaper, and less intrusive

Triage STP and nonSTP Applicants

Use remote, one-minute health and wellness checks to triage high and low-risk applicants

Reduce Claims Frauds

Validate claims and reduce fraud using real-time and historical health data

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Get a 360o user profile with critical health data for better, more efficient, and valueadded customer support

Differentiated Customer Experience

Meet clients needs for digitally-enabled, faster, cheaper and personalised services

Increase Loyalty

Deliver personalised suggestions and rewards that incentivise healthy choices and behaviours

Reduce Costs

Save money and time on manual health assessments, expensive logistics, equipment, wearables and outdated legacy datasets

Empower Better Decisions

Use real-time and historical health data and trends to make better decisions

The use of AI as a preventive technique is a rising trend in the healthcare insurance market

Insurance automation such as artificial intelligence (AI) helps lower risks and fraud, encouraging business growth and automating numerous business processes to lessen overall costs.

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