Shipping and Transport

Offshore staff face unique challenges which can be
mitigated with remote health
monitoring and tailored wellness programs

Mitigate Risk

Up to date remote tracking of staff stress levels and essential biomarkers

Improve Overall Well-Being

Promote healthy habits when working away from home

Reduced Absenteeism

Healthy staff are more productive and less likely to miss work

Increased Satisfaction And Engagement

Provide greater support networks

Increased Productivity

Focused time management to avoid burnout

Reduce Insurance Costs

Negotiate more streamlined group policies

Ability to integrate with external devices

For a more detailed and tailored approach, we are able to integrate external health measuring devices that can complement existing data with continuous on device analysis, the results of which will be incorporated into the overall wellness score.

Reliable and Recognized Leading Brand
Low Cost
Great Performance
30 hours of Continuous Measurement or 2 weeks of 48 measurements per day

These devices can be worn on the body, such as the wrist or arm and will support any form of daily activity and are water resistant up to 50m. Furthermore, have global availability and service options to allow for consistency and compliance.

To start Your Wellness Journey